Self Value


Self Value

By Jordana Jyoti Goldstein

September 4th, 2018

I’ve always valued myself based on work, education, career, looks, heart, a successful partner, the success of my father, my religion, you name it.  But what if we all just valued ourselves because we ARE?? Now that’s a concept!!

I think that when we commune with Spirit, Akasha, whatever you want to call Her, we see how valuable we are to Her.  And it’s not based on our money, our bodies, or our successes, but more on just our willingness to serve, to accept, and to love unconditionally so we can all be clear channels for her message to come through us in whatever way it needs to.

When we have an intimate relationship with Her, we don’t NEED anything else.  We don’t need to eat, to drink, or to sleep. We don’t NEED anyone else, a partner, friends, family.  We don’t NEED distractions, addictions, or desires. We have no NEEDS. And when we have no needs, we just ARE, we can just BE, and this is when our love is pure and unconditional.  When we have no Needs, we can see ourselves, hear Spirit, and feel our value just for being who we are and how we are. We are free, and it’s beautiful.

If this sounds as good to you as it does to me, then start cultivating your relationship with Spirit today and continue every day, however you want.  And see for yourself. I’m doing it, and for me, it’s been the key to unlock all doors. Spirit and Love. Open your doors today.

One Love,
Jordana Jyoti 🙂 xo


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