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Yoga Maresme is a meditation center and an oasis of peace and relaxation in Mataró. At the center, we are dedicated to relieving stress, anxiety, trauma and depression through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of people and companies looking for a space to meditate and find calm in the midst of everyday chaos.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that allows us to observe and control our mind. Contrary to what many people think, to meditate does not mean making your mind go blank, but rather to practice mindfulness, observing our thoughts without judgment or attachment and then letting them go with love and compassion. Meditation is a path to inner peace that requires practice, patience, persistence and perseverance.

What does meditation do?

Mindfulness meditation relieves stress, pain, anxiety, trauma and depression. It is scientifically proven to improve general health, sleep quality, memory, concentration, mental clarity, self-esteem and self-confidence. Meditation creates peace and calm, allowing us to consciously respond to life’s challenges instead of reacting on auto-pilot.

At my Meditation Centre in Mataró, we offer restorative meditation classes and mindfulness sessions, both face-to-face and on-line. Our classes are designed to relax the sympathetic nervous system, which can cause disease when over-active, and encourage the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting being rather than doing.


Meditation techniques

Meditation has long been a powerful tool for relieving stress, anxiety, trauma and depression. Nowadays, with the fast pace of life and the constant demands of society, more and more people and companies are looking for a meditation center offering effective techniques to find relaxation and inner balance.
Meditation is not only a tool to find inner peace, but also to improve our quality of life in all aspects. Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, overcome depression or simply find a moment of relaxation in your day-to-day, meditation may be the answer.

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation focuses on the repetition of words or phrases that help us focus our mind and connect with our essence. These words act as an anchor, allowing us to move away from distractions and find a state of inner peace. It is an ideal technique for those looking for a way to meditate that helps relieve anxiety and improve concentration.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation, also known as Mindfulness, is a technique that teaches us to be present in the moment, observing our thoughts and emotions without judging them. This technique has been scientifically proven to improve overall health, sleep quality, memory, focus and self-esteem.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This technique focuses on cultivating love and compassion towards yourself and to others. Through the repetition of positive affirmations, it seeks to generate feelings of love, understanding and acceptance. It is a powerful technique for those seeking to heal emotional wounds and strengthen their self-esteem.

Guided Body Scan Meditation

This technique invites us to go through our body with our mind, paying attention to the sensations in each part of our body. It is an effective way of getting out of the mind, connecting with the body and releasing accumulated tension.


My experience as a meditation instructor in Mataró

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool of healing Often, when I suggest meditation to my students or clients, their first reaction is to think that it is difficult. The principles of meditation are basic and easy, however, gaining control over the monkey mind can require hours of practice without expectation of any gain. Meditation is the art of seeing thoughts as they are, without attachment or judgment, and returning to our focus, be it the breath, a mantra, a movement, a flame or any other point of concentration.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s just a matter of practice, patience, persistence and perseverance. By practising meditation, you will experience all the healing benefits it offers. Meditation is scientifically proven to improve overall health, sleep quality, memory, focus, clarity, self-esteem and self-confidence. It also creates peace and calm, allowing us to consciously respond to life’s challenges instead of reacting automatically.

  • Class schedule
    • I invite you to join this transformative practice at Yoga Maresme in Mataró. Restorative Meditation classes are on Mondays from 5:45p.m. to 6:45 p.m., and on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. We also offer these classes on-line as well. In addition, we have a Mindfulness Group every second Sunday, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
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    • If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact me for more details. Start your meditation practice today at Yoga Maresme in Mataró!

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How do I breathe during meditation?

Breathing is an essential component of meditation. I will teach you breathing techniques that will help you relax and focus on the present moment.

How does meditation change the brain?

Meditation has a positive impact on the brain. It improves memory, concentration and mental clarity, and may even change the way we react to stress.

Can meditation cure anxiety?

Meditation is a powerful tool for managing anxiety. Although it is not a cure in itself, it can help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

What effects does meditation have on the brain?

Meditation can have a number of positive effects on the brain, including improving memory and concentration, and reducing stress and anxiety.

If you are looking for a meditation center in Barcelona or specifically in Mataró, Yoga Maresme is your center. With a focus on Mindfulness and relaxation, I will guide you on your journey towards well-being and inner peace. Come and discover the benefits of meditating!