Akasha Blog

Akasha Blog

By Jordana Jyoti Goldstein

September 3rd, 2018

Just arrived back in Mataró and contemplating my summer work retreat in the Hamptons.  It was the first time I chose not to make money my motivator, requiring me to take a leep of faith and let the power of money just go. Instead my first intention was to connect deeper with people, to help them wake up, and to guide them to heal.  It was a true test of faith because I wasn’t so crazy busy doing massages as usual, and it could have been a bit scary for me. But I kept the faith and what ended up happening was truly spectacular. Not only was I able to develop much more profound relationships with my clients, with more mentoring and overcoming the stress of time, but it was the first summer I was able to have time to take care of myself, to focus on my spiritual practice, and to be present, while I worked.  And still it was a financial success, but in a much more balanced and manageable way, proving to me once again the power of intention and faith.

So I just want to send out a big thank you to all of my Hamptons clients/friends for your love and support, and for making this the greatest summer ever for me… full of great new and old friendships, powerful lessons, unconditional love, signs and symbols, and beautiful synchronicities.  

On the plane ride home I was thinking that when I arrived, people were going to ask me, “so did you massage any famous people?”  And what would I answer? Well, I didn’t massage any famous people this summer, but I did happen upon something so profound in my Kundalini quarentena practice, that for me, it doesn’t get any bigger.  What happened next, I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams…

I found God, and She IS a woman.  And her name is Akasha. She is a powerful, tender, compassionate, caretaking, purely feminine energy that I began to experience, to see all around me, and to channel through me.  She showed me how to take photographs of Her magic, transforming me from the world’s worst photographer into an artist, not necessarily from the aspect of technique, but from heart, soul, and vision.  She brought me miracles every day, and even though the last day I told her I was feeling pressured to prove our relationship to people, I thought maybe she felt pressured to prove her existence as well, and I gave her permission to not WOW me that day, but She didn’t fail, and created the above dolphin sunset.  Our relationship deepened with each day, spending hours together in the wee early mornings, chanting, meditating, walking, photographing, and just being in Her wonderous nature. But it didn’t end there… The signs and synchronicities continued through each day, with my last desires, wants, and needs, dissapearing into the clouds, as She filled my cup with her ever sweet nectar.  And I can only describe it as bliss…

While I am aware that She is omnipitent, omnicient, and omnipresent, I can only hope to continue cultivating this most cherished relationship while I am back in Spain.  And I would truly love to guide others to Her as well. It left me firmly believing that a commited intimate relationship with Her is the path to true unconditional love for ourselves first and then for others, and maybe the key to overcoming anything from fears, to stress, to anxiety, to dis-ease, depression, and even addiction.  My hope with this blog is to convey the lessons, the love, and the care that Akasha shows me daily, and share her magic and wonderous Way. I hope you will join me for the ride and spread Her word.

One Love,
Jordana Jyoti 🙂 xo

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