Pain is a wake up call for us to learn more about who we are and why we are here and this learning comes through connecting with our body, mind, and spirit.

Are you an EMPATH?

Stuck on automatic pilot, in old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you?

Constantly chasing goals, yet never arriving?

Do sensitivities, fears, negativity, and insecurities get in your way?

Depressed, lonely, unmotivated, low on energy, feeling like a victim?

Suffering from a physical or mental disease?

In Transformational Crisis, or at a loss of how to integrate your experience?

Looking to raise your vibration, to connect, to get out of the rat race and just BE?


It was 1998, and one of my darkest hours.  I was in India, at my Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training, when I was given the spiritual name Jyoti.  At the time I had no idea why, thought they made a mistake, and went on with the monotony of building someone else’s life.  

Fast forward 10 years and seven Spiritual Emergencies later, after healing myself of physical and mental dis-ease, I emerged out of the darkness, connected with Jyoti and a channeled mission to spread the light while embracing the dark, and to help people connect with Spirit, so we can become whole and realize that enlightenment IS already here.  

I had an internal Knowing that if we could just integrate our spiritual beings with our physical bodies, balance our masculine and feminine energies, connect to the Earth, to Heaven, and the Spirit world, and to know our purpose and mission personally and collectively, then we could each evolve through our own unique creative process, find our own inner truths, and become empowered, connected, compassionate, and content.

But where do we start??



Care is a feminine quality, intuitively present in most women.  But the biggest problem we women have regarding integrating CARE into our lives, is in applying it to OURSELVES.  I live in Spain, home of the Super Moms, and the Super Iaia’s (grandmothers).  They run around like crazy!… caring for their kings, their princes, and their princesses, as they call them, until they’re completely destroyed, with no gas to keep going.  

More often than not, care tends to be directed outwards, to others, family, friends, partners, and we ourselves become last on our list.  Our bodies and our minds scream out for attention through pain and suffering, for us to go inside, care for ourselves, vibrate with care, and find our own truths first.

Yet we run in the opposite direction and search outside of ourselves for answers to just make it all go away.  Unfortunately I believe it won’t go away until we listen to ourselves, transform ourselves first, and through our own example, we then can help others to transform.

When we go inside and listen and care for ourselves, putting our own oxygen mask on first…., we become examples of care. We vibrate with care in our inner worlds, while the mirror of our external reality has no choice but to follow suit. The Universe matches our vibration through the Law of Attraction, Karma, whatever you want to call it, and gives us more of what we are vibrating with, in this case, self care, in the form of sending us a new mirror into our reality, reflecting people who care for themselves and us as well.

The more we practice self care, the closer we arrive at unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion, first and foremost for ourselves, and then ultimately for others, not out of obligation, but from an internal seed that we cultivate through our own authentic practice and experience.  And from this seed, others come to value and love us, as well.


My vision is that one day we will all truly integrate CARE into our lives.  Self CARE, CARE for others, and CARE for the planet.  And that we learn by EXAMPLE to each find our own unique path to light and love. 

Why not start today.  Join me and learn how! For Yoga, massage, and life and nutritional coaching in Mataró, in East Hamtpon NY in the summers, or distance through Skype (jordanagoldstein).

* Personally designed treatment packages and programs available upon request
* Languages spoken: English and Catalan