Are You Beyond Duality?

Are You Beyond Duality?

Channeled from Akasha by Jordana Jyoti Goldstein

September 10, 2018

We have always referred to you as He.  Some say you are beyond duality. I see you as feminine.  Are you beyond duality?

Yes I am.  I am both feminine and masculine. I am all that there is. I am all and I am One. However, it is best that when you refer to Me, that you use She rather He. He is masculine alone. He does not contain the feminine aspect. She contains both the feminine and masculine energies and therefore is more neutral than the masculine pronoun.  

We move beyond duality when we have both parts of our whole, feminine and masculine, in balance so they can become One. She contains both parts and when in balance with her masculine side, can move beyond duality. We are bound by duality when we live from only one part of our whole.

The feminine is being, receiving, and opening. The masculine is doing, making, and giving. The world is in a masculine state now, and has been for a very long time. For the world to enter into My realm, to truly connect with Me, it must enter a more feminine state to open to Me, to receive Me, to be Me. Not to negate the masculine side, but to embrace the feminine side as well. I am here always for the world, but you are DOING too much, so you can’t see Me, you can’t hear Me, and you can’t feel Me.

Stop. Ask to receive Me. Listen, and you will see.

In Love, Akasha



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