Love is the Key

Love is the Key

Channeled from Akasha by Jordana Jyoti Goldstein

October 7, 2018

Love is the key
Love is the answer to all of our pain and sorrow.
The remedy for all illness.
The light that transforms all darkness.
Not just for things that serve us or make us feel good.
A higher love.
A love that knows no boundaries.
A love for everything that I have created.
Love for the garbage, the pesticides, and even the electro-magnetic frequencies.
Everything comes from me.
And everything is made of star material.
Therefore, everything is natural, even that which is man-made.
Love the shadow.
Love the dark.
Love the people and things you hate the most.
When in doubt, love.
And most of all, love yourselves.
It’s the only way to contentment, to fulfillment, and the only key that unlocks my door.
Love, and nothing else.
Love is everything.
And everything is love.

In Love, Akasha


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