Vibra Diet


Did you eat too much over the holidays?  

Are you looking to improve your diet and your health?  

Do you want to overcome food cravings and tackle the emotional attachment of eating?  

Do you want to lose weight and gain health?

I can show you how!!

From my own personal experience, I was able to heal myself of Graves Disease, an incurable hyperthyroid condition, as well as ten years of chronic pain.  However, my weight always fluctuated, and it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I was able to return to the same weight and body size that I had when I was 17 and maintain it.  

Doctors have said I’m a medical miracle.  For me, it’s just knowledge put into practice.  And after 25 years of practicing on myself, and 10 years experience of advising people on diet and nutrition, I have finally developed a system that I feel creates consistent results and benefits, the Vibra Diet, a unique combination of Whole Food Nutrition and Mindful Eating.  

If you’re looking for a diet that’s not a diet, but a way of life, then the Vibra Diet is for you.  Email or whatsapp for a free initial Skype consultation today!  Here’s to ringing in 2018 with consciousness, self care, and health!! Much love, Jordana xo 🙂 / 34 663 802 555 (Mataró Barcelona Spain and East Hampton NY)


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