November 23, 2017


By Jordana Jyoti Goldstein

Having had 7 spiritual emergencies and 25 years of experience working with the 5 elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth, I have come to realize through my own healing process that the single most important tool that empowered me to transform my debilitating crisis, apart from finding normalcy and community, was GROUNDING.  Each time I was in Spiritual Emergency my upper chakras were suddenly wide open, causing an imbalance in the ether element that would shoot me right up into the ether of outer space. And my air element would over stimulate with tons of thoughts, frying my brain from trying to figure out what was happening, what all of the synchronicities meant, and how it all related to the workings of the Universe.  Not only did I forget about my basic needs of eating, sleeping, and washing, but I actually refused to waste time on them.  So clearly I was out of balance.  I knew that if I could just work to open my lower chakras and connect more with the water and earth elements, then I could bring myself more into balance, to be able to function in the world, and to begin to integrate my experiences.

*  *  *

One of the first steps I applied to ground myself and find balance was actually FREE, and easily broke through my brick wall of resistance.  It’s called EARTHING.  So literally, healing began with my first steps of actually walking barefoot on the earth.  Earthing is a term, coined and discovered in 1998 by Clint Ober, a pioneer in the US cable TV industry, who worked for years with grounding cable systems, and found that when we walk barefoot on the ground, we create a “ground” with the earth, the same “ground” that’s needed when we work with high voltage electricity.  He found that the earth’s grounding energy is accessible to us through our feet, but they need to be bare because the rubber souls of our shoes block the conduction of energy. It doesn’t matter whether we walk on earth, grass, or untreated cement, though the former two are preferable, the earth’s energy creates the “ground” with our bodies, so we can receive its powerful negative ions. Once in our bodies, the negative ions from the earth neutralize the harmful positive ions or free radicals that we have accumulated inside of us, and they act as an extremely powerful anti-oxidant, freely accessible to us just from walking barefoot on the ground.  And it’s now well known that antioxidants are our frontline defense against inflammation, considered to be the root cause of chronic pain and many of the major health disorders. So not only does this powerful practice of Earthing bring us to commune with nature, connect with Spirit, and ground ourselves, but it also claims to heal aches and pains, and inflammatory diseases, and has been found to alleviate insomnia and depression and improve mood as well, all things that our SE community seems to struggle with.

 *  *  *

Apart from all the science, I have recently taken up earthing as a daily practice, not necessarily for the health benefits, though I definitely welcome and feel them, but for my personal view of our global crisis, I felt that it was my duty to embody the change that I too wanted to see.  I have long been tired of the daily rat race of errands and non stop working and doing.  And I realized the only way it was all going to stop, was if I stopped and really integrated stopping.  So that’s what I did.  I now start every morning by stopping and being…at the beach, walking barefoot in the sand, alone in nature, and communing with the sun, the earth, and the water.  I am noticing that I feel more fulfilled, more content, more balanced, and more tolerant, yet with less unnecessary thoughts, less addictive tendencies, and surprisingly less fears.  I feel nurtured by the sun, cleansed by the water, and supported by the earth, and it has changed my being to the core.  But none of this would be possible if it weren’t for my intention.  I thought to share this practice with my mom, who’s 78, just broke her shoulder, and suffering from a lot of inflammation.  But I realized that she’s never going to believe it works.  It’s too simple, and too easy, and because of her lack of faith in things like this, it most likely won’t work, which made me realize that a lot of the magic comes from our intention and belief system, that ultimately empowers us to mold our reality.

            *  *  *

So why not start today?  Kick off your shoes, get your butt into nature, be clear with your intentions and beliefs, and enjoy the benefits of Earthing for at least 15 minutes a day if you can.  And if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can always buy special Earthing mats, bands, and patches, that have been created to mimic the same grounding process so you can reap all of the same benefits from the comfort of your home, at a cost of course.  And for those of us who are sensitive to electromagnetics and get drained from being on electronics all day, Earthing could be the answer to our prayers.  Happy Earthing, folks!

In love and light!
Jordana 🙂 xo

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