My healing sessions are often described as profound with a subtle touch.  They allow you to relax, let go and enter into alpha state, between sleep and awake, where your body, mind, and soul’s self-healing mechanisms bring you back into alignment. Sessions alleviate pain, by releasing experiences, emotions, and trauma stored in your body that may be causing it. They relieve tension, stress, and anxiety, and bring your chakras back into balance, helping you to heal your body, calm your mind, and free your soul, so you can live from your heart and be one with your essence and Akasha.

The power of touch can free the mysteries of your soul, guiding you to know yourself and why you’re here.

Along with prayer, mantra, and intention, I intuitively combine the following modalities, depending on your personal needs.

Swedish Massage
Thai Massage
Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Polarity Therapy
Chakra Balancing

I have over 25 years of experience working with high profile clientele, such as:
Uma Thurman, Donna Summer, Sofia Coppola, Iman, Bianca Jagger, Martha Stewart, Marc Anthony, Julia Stiles, Jewel, Sandra Bernhard, James Le Gros, George McPhee, Jane Wenner, Sally Hershberger, Pamela Hanson, and Juaquin Padró, to name a few.

Contact me today for a session in Mataró, Maresme, and East Hampton NY in the summers, or distance.