Looking back on my life in hindsight, I can see the Empath in me was always present. I was practically born a vegetarian, my family forever baffled regarding what to feed me, besides sugar. As a child I was so hyper-sensitive, I would cry at the drop of a hat. In the 6th grade I won an award from Ted Kennedy, for a project I coined “Solution for Pollution” that recommended recycling, a practically unknown concept at the time. I was a dancer in NYC in my 20s, and it wasn’t my technique that got me jobs, but my heart-centered ability to express myself through the art of dance that opened doors for me. But then Spirit came in and provided me with a chronic illness, Graves Disease, that forced me to change my direction, and walk a path of self-discovery and eventual healing, through raw food fasting, polarity therapy, reiki, philosophical counseling, and yoga and meditation practices.

I became a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist in 1995, eventually having a successful private practice in the Hamptons for the rich and famous, massaging people like Donna Summer and Uma Thurman. I studied with some of the most well known yoga teachers of my generation, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Dharma Mittra, and Rodney Yee, and I finally received my teaching certification through Sivananda in India in 1998. I travelled to Nepal and trekked for a month to Everest Basecamp. I practiced Zen Buddhism through Zazen, with my dear friends, 2 Zen Buddhist monks from Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji Rinzai Monastery in upstate NY. And I was always experimenting with diet and nutrition as a means of healing, until I finally got certified in Applied Vegetarian Nutrition.

I asked for a teacher and he appeared. We became partners, and he motivated me to return to school to study Sociology and eventually get a Post Graduate Certificate in Death and Dying. Together we founded two non-profit foundations, Akasha Yoga Foundation in Breckenridge Colorado and Fundació Lotus Blau in Mataró Barcelona Spain.  We created various yoga centers, developed projects for at-risk kids, death row inmates, the elderly, and cancer patients, as well as conducting monthly retreats and coursework for our Sangha. We adopted our son, Kai, from Ethiopia and moved from New York to Barcelona to have quality of life for our family, and that’s when the Spiritual Emergence(y)s (SE) began. I had 7 experiences in total over a 10 year period and though they were amazing life transforming experiences on the spiritual plane, on the earth plane they caused years of numbing through medication with tremendous growing pains and suffering as they ended my marriage and my work as I knew it.

Suddenly I was a single mom in a foreign country, forced to leave my home, my work, and my new found family and friends, and with no real source of income. Two years later, having dug deep into my soul for strength and wisdom, and clearly guided by Spirit, I developed The Vibra Healing System for Empaths, combining the tools I had used to heal myself: whole food nutrition, chakra balancing, yoga, meditation, coaching, Bach Flower Remedies, Shamanic teachings, grounding in nature, and art therapy into a healing system for Empaths and people integrating SE. These modalities supported me in healing my body, mind, and soul, and most importantly my connection to Spirit, revealing my life’s mission and purpose: to arrive at compassion, acceptance, contentment, and unconditional love first for myself, and then for others, guiding them to find their Way as well.

And so here I am today, in the present, living in Mataró, a beautiful small beach city outside of Barcelona, sharing my life with my best friend Kai (my son), and my 2 cats Munay and Kali.  I am still working summers in the Hamptons, and currently creating Associació Vibra Energía (a community that promotes wellness, self-discovery, positive thinking, feminine energy, and creativity so we can awaken our consciousness and align it with what we think, we say, we feel, and we do), and Vibra Cooperativa (a school of life that welcomes everyone to learn and practice techniques on how to integrate the principles of Vibra Energía into our daily lives).  But most of all, I am practicing being and accepting.  It’s not easy because it requires stopping, listening, being open to receive, and lots of faith.  But it has been well worth every moment, as I have learned so much of who I am and why I am here.  I know from my own experience on this never ending journey called life, that if I let go and accept things as they are, and I practice self care and a positive attitude, I can create a reality that brings me peace and contentment.  This way of looking at things has served me very well, especially when having to accept things that I may resist.  I truly hope you all find the way that works for you.

I thank you all for your love, support, and dedication.  I am truly grateful to my teachers, guides, and Spirit for all of the gifts that I have received.

In love and light!  Blessings,

Jordana Jyoti xo 🙂