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Vibra (Empath) Empowerment Program

• Do you feel overwhelmed?
• Are you plagued by energy drain?
• Do you feel misunderstood, like you don’t fit in?
• Do you have problems with boundaries and saying no?
• Do you take care of yourself last?
• Are you plagued by self-doubt, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence?
• Is your life a series of highs and lows?
• Does fear get in your way?
• Do you feel shame?
• Do you take on everyone else’s baggage?
• Do you feel validated?
• Do you find yourself feeling alone?
• Are you in need of support?
• Have you lost sense of yourself and who you are?
• Are you searching for your life purpose?


In this 12 week personalized online program learn how raise your vibration and connect with your authentic power.  Cultivate a daily self-care regime.  Follow a healthy lifestyle.   Overcome fears and obstacles. Live a life of purpose aligned with your Higher Self and the Divine.

Clean your body, clear your mind, empower yourself, and connect with your soul.   The following empowerment tools will be learned and practiced: Empowerment Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Vibra Yoga, Chakra Balancing, Whole Food Nutrition, Nutritional Fasting, Creative Expression, Grounding in Nature, Shamanic Healing, and Bach Flower Remedies.

Purify and strengthen your body, mind, and soul!
Connect with your Higher Self and your life purpose!

Contact me for a free initial consultation in person or through Skype  (jordanagoldstein)