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Vibra Empath Empowerment Program

Elevate you vibration and connect with your authentic power.  Cultivate a self-care regime.  Follow a healthy lifestyle.  Live a life of purpose aligned with your Higher Self.  This is a 12 week intensive program to clean your body, clear your mind, empower yourself, and connect with your soul.   The following empowerment tools will be learned and practiced: Empowerment Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Vibra Yoga, Tapping, Chakra Balancing, Nutrition, Cleansing Fast, Creative Expression, Bach Flower Remedies.

This program is offered online in a personalized one on one format.

• Are you highly sensitive regarding food, crowds, stimulus and more?
• Do you suffer from overwhelm?
• Are you plagued by energy drain?
• Do you feel misunderstood, like you don’t fit in?
• Do you have problems with boundaries?
• Do you take care of yourself last?
• Are you plagued by self-doubt, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence?
• Is your life a series of highs and lows?
• Does fear get in your way?
• Do you feel shame?
• Do you take on everyone else’s baggage?
• Do you feel validated?
• Do you find yourself feeling alone?
• Are you in need of support?
• Have you lost sense of yourself and who you are?
• Are you searching for your life purpose?

Learn to elevate your vibration and recuperate your authentic power!

Purify and strengthen your body, mind, and soul!
Connect with your Higher Self and your life purpose!

Cultivate a daily self-care regime, achieve a healthy lifestyle, overcome fears and obstacles, raise your vibration, and live a life of purpose, connected and aligned with the Divine.

The Vibra Empath Empowerment Program is a 12 week intensive program to strengthen and purify your body, clear your mind, know yourself, and connect with your soul:  Using the following modalities:

Empowerment Coaching
Emotional Intelligence
Vibra Yoga
Chakra Balancing
Conscious Eating
Nutritional Fasting
Creative Expression
Bach Flower Remedies

1 weekly 2.5 hour group class for 12 weeks
2 one on one sessions with Jordana (Nutrition, Life Coaching, Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra Balancing)
1 session with Toni Lobato (Vedic Astrology, Astrological Chart)

Pranayama Breathing Exercises
The Bandhas
Conscious Eating
10 day nutritional cleansing fast
The Chakras
Self Care Techniques

Working with vibrations
The emotional body and Bach Flower Remedies
Meditation Techniques (Vipassana, Zen, Tratak, Morning Pages, Polarity, Mantra)
The Law of Attraction
Acceptance and Projection
The Shadow
Harnessing the mind

The Mirror
Creative Expression, the window to the soul
Developing our relationship with the Spirit world
Dialoging with the Spirit world


Classes are once a week, one on one, for approximately 2 hours.