Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Guide

Traversing Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Awaken your consciousness and open your heart. Learn to create balance between your masculine and feminine energies, overcome judgement and fears, find the middle path, and cultivate positivity, gratitude, generosity, motivation and discipline. Ground yourself in your body, to get out of your mind and connect with your soul, to slow down and explore how you act and react in the face of challenge, and to know yourself better through observation, accepting, loving unconditionally (especially your shadow), and letting go. 

Learn to live in the present, take responsibility for your reality, seek joy, and live in Oneness so you can be whole, in peace, contentment, and compassion, no matter what ups and downs of life you may encounter. Explore your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual anatomy and relationships, your self care of diet and exercise, your chakra system and it’s balance in the five elements of nature, your past and present along with what you are creating for your future, and how to integrate your humanness into being. 

Spiritual Guidance is an intuitive mix of conscious nourishment, Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra Balancing, grounding techniques, emotional expression, journaling, and conscious practices like yoga and meditation to awaken you to your true essence and a life of balance. It can relieve anxiety, help you overcome depression, addiction, and dis-ease, strengthen the empath, and help you move through spiritual emergence, and spiritual emergency. 

Contact me for a free initial consultation in person in Mataró, Maresme, and in East Hampton NY in the summers, or distance through Zoom.