I have 20 years experience practicing and teaching Zen, Vipassana, Mindfulness, mantra, guided, and Kundalini meditation as a daily practice. I also guide intensive meditation practices that can change your life trajectory in 40 days.

  • Do you want to reach your full potential?
  • Are you looking to overcome an obstacle?
  • Are you looking to break a habit and create long lasting transformation?
  • Would you like to wake up and raise your consciousness to a new vibration?
  • Or do you just need support on your personal growth path?

My 40 day meditations are customized one-on-one guided practices that help you find direction, meaning, and answers, so you can put your life on a path to fulfillment. Your journey begins with the simple daily practice of 5 sacred teachings:

Mantra     .     Meditation     .     Pranayama     .     Journaling     .     Being 

Embracing these sacred teachings for 40 consecutive days helps break negative habits that block our expansion. Our habits define who we are, and by changing them, we can transform our vibration and gain the ability to overcome obstacles such as stress, anxiety, dis-ease, pain, addiction, negativity, loneliness, lack of pupose, low self esteem, low self value, and fear.

My 40 Day Meditations are practiced daily at home and guided through 5 weekly one-on-one online life coaching sessions, that help us to understand the process, integrate the teachings, and navigate any obstacles that may arise. They are authentic, austere, organic, synchronistic, intuitive, empowering, awakening, and intimate.  They are truly life transforming experiences.

Individual or group class formats available.

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“I feel a deep longing for God” I said. She cried (she was deeply moved, she explained to me later). That profoundly touched my heart and it all began there. She offered me a path to explore together which I took, not knowing what it was or where it would take me. But something told me to trust her. Now, looking back, I’m glad I did. My life has changed for the better. The process and her guidance have taught me to trust myself, to pray and to listen, to feel that we are part of something much greater and to cultivate that connection daily. I feel blessed to have met her and worked with her. She was flexible and allowed space for my individuality whilst keeping the essence and direction of the process. A seed was planted then that is still blossoming. I’ve taken my own path now, perhaps different in form in its outer expression, but deep inside I’m carrying on what we started some months ago. I feel closer to God now. Thank you Jordana. Having met you has enriched my life.

Alejandro David